Bernhard Salow

Trinity College Cambridge
Trinity Street
Cambridge, UK


I am a Junior Research Fellow at Trinity College Cambridge. Before coming here, I did my PhD in philosophy at MIT. And before starting at MIT, I did the BPhil in Philosophy and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Philosophy at Oxford.

Most of my research is in epistemology. I'm particularly interested in the internalism/externalism debate; in issues of 'evidence management' (what kind of control we can/should exert over what evidence we receive); and in their interaction. In thinking about those issues, I've also worked on the connection between knowledge and chance, the nature of self-knowledge, epistemic contextualism, and the rationality of risk-aversion.

I also have resarch interests in the philosophy of language, ethics, and metaphysics.


Transparency and the KK Principle (with Nilanjan Das). Noûs, forthcoming.

Taking a chance on KK (with Jeremy Goodman). Philosophical Studies, forthcoming.

The Externalist’s Guide to Fishing for Compliments. Mind, forthcoming.

Lewis on Iterated Knowledge. Philosophical Studies 173: 1571-1590, 2016.

Work in Progress

Elusive Externalism

Avoiding Risk and Avoiding Evidence (with Catrin Campbell-Moore)

Partiality and Retrospective Justification